Guise of the Dragon (Celestial War #1)

Book Cover: Guise of the Dragon (Celestial War #1)
Part of the Celestial War series:

Five dragon gods. Four queens. One imposter.

Jin, the notorious Sea Snake, is one of the most deadly pirates plaguing the queendoms. By raiding with her crew, they hope to keep their small republic free of the queens’ tyranny. When the upcoming Celestial Tournament lures out more ships, a golden opportunity presents itself: Jin and her best friend Shuren decide to raid a royal ship... with disastrous consequences.

Captured by handsome rogue General Shang Caidu, Jin must take the Azure Queen’s place in the upcoming Celestial Tournament in exchange for her freedom--and Shuren’s. Thrown into the center of a struggle for power, Jin is not prepared for what lies ahead. The rival queens are ruthless, but Caidu proves to be an unexpected ally, one she finds herself inexplicably drawn to.

Jin is given an impossible task--take the place of the Azure Queen and win a thousand-year blessing for the Azure Queendom and the pirate republic, or see them both ravaged by the other Dragon Gods. But when the other queens don’t play fair and threaten Shuren’s life, Jin must choose between winning the tournament or throwing it. With Shuren and the fate of a queendom hanging in the balance, will Jin emerge victorious? Or will he die, along with everything else she holds dear?

Find out who will win the Celestial War by reading GUISE OF THE DRAGON, the latest romantic epic fantasy hit readers are comparing to Three Dark Crowns and Forest of a Thousand Lanterns.

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  1. Rachel Cass says:

    Ohhh, I’m super intrigued! I loved the Witch and the Lake series by you and Nicolette! So glad I’m an ARC reader for y’all! LOL! Can’t wait!

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