The Sea Snake (Celestial War #0.5)

Book Cover: The Sea Snake (Celestial War #0.5)
Part of the Celestial War series:

One brave girl casts a long shadow over an empire...

Dragon witch Jin is an apprentice carpenter aboard the pirate ship Clever Viper, the only life she’s ever known. When her captain decides to pursue an arms-laden prize in the night, in an effort to bolster their precarious free republic amid the Southern Isles, a fleet of Azure Queendom ships emerge from the dark and open fire on the Clever Viper, sending Jin overboard and capturing the rest of the crew--including Jin’s mentor, Captain Yueying, and her best friend, Shuren.

Jin and her dragon familiar wash ashore on an island and find it a secret base of operations for the Azure Queendom. Shuren, Yueying, and the crew could be imprisoned there, deep within a tangled, dense jungle, full of wrecked ships, caves, dangerous predators, and enemy soldiers.

Alone, trained as a carpenter, with fledgling dragon magic, Jin must brave the wilderness and get past those who would kill her, all to find a way to her mentor, her best friend, and her crew. But will she be enough to save the day, or will she be just another body dropped by the queendom as it conquers their republic?

Fans of Tomb Raider, Black Sails, and Throne of Glass will find action, adventure, and a young woman’s journey to discover her own strength in THE SEA SNAKE.

Start reading today and begin this deeply character-driven sword & sorcery adventure, full of pirates, battles, dragons, and magic...

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