About the Author

Miranda Honfleur is a born-and-raised Chicagoan living in Indianapolis. She grew up on fantasy and science fiction novels, spending nearly as much time in Valdemar, Pern, Tortall, Narnia, and Middle Earth as in reality.

In another life, her J.D. and M.B.A. were meant to serve a career in law, but now she gets to live her dream job: writing speculative fiction starring fierce heroines and daring heroes who make difficult choices along their adventures and intrigues, all with a generous (over)dose of romance.

Her current series include Blade and Rose, a romantic epic fantasy spanning six books, and The Dark-Elves of Nightbloom, a series of fantasy romance standalones. With over 250,000 books sold, Miranda has been toying with readers’ hearts and apologizing for crushing them since 2017.

When she’s not snarking, writing, or reading her Kindle, she hangs out and watches Netflix with her husband, gets constantly tackled by her dogs Gizmo and Luna, and plays board games with her friends.

Her next release is The Dragon King, the fifth book in the romantic epic fantasy Blade and Rose series, will release by summer of 2022. An Ember in the Dark, releasing by the end of 2022, is the third standalone fantasy-romance novel in the Dark-Elves of Nightbloom series, set in the world of Blade and Rose.

Blade and Rose, a romantic epic fantasy series (ongoing), includes:
1. Blade & Rose
2. By Dark Deeds
3. Court of Shadows
4. Queen of the Shining Sea
5. The Dragon King – forthcoming
6. Immortelle – forthcoming
+ Winter Wren (A Blade and Rose novelette) – available for free here

The Dark-Elves of Nightbloom, a series of fantasy romance standalones (ongoing), includes:
1. No Man Can Tame
2. Bright of the Moon
3. An Ember in the Dark (forthcoming)
4. Crown to Ashes (forthcoming)

Demon Dropout, an urban fantasy series (ongoing), serialized on Kindle Vella and Patreon, includes:
1. Slay Date

The Witch of the Lake, a mythic dark young-adult fantasy series (completed) with Nicolette Andrews, includes:
1. Feast of the Mother
2. Fate of the Demon
3. Fall of the Reaper

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