Blood of the Wolf (Blade and Rose #4.5)

Thievery. Assassination. And peace for the region... if she can pull it off...

Nic is one of the Black Rose's deadliest assassins, known for her skill as an infiltrator, but when the job of a lifetime lands in her lap, even she isn't sure she's up to the task. Killing the most powerful figure in the region is a tall order after all, but against her better judgment, she agrees to play hero... for the sake of a child.

Only playing hero doesn't go according to plan. A mysterious light-elf named Falken crosses her path, bringing the heat of the Divine Guard and the Contarini Coven with him, and a mission of his own to complicate matters. And her target didn't become the Grand Divinus without a few tricks up her sleeve.

With the full power of the Divinity against them and two competing missions, can Nic and Falken emerge victorious, or will their diverging threads strangle them, with the Divinity to finish the job?

Discover who will land on top in "Blood of the Wolf," a Blade and Rose short story set during the events of Queen of the Shining Sea, the fourth volume of the Blade and Rose series...

(Note: This short story occurs between books four and five of the Blade and Rose series. It also appears in the second edition of Queen of the Shining Sea after February 2019, so if you have a newer copy, Nic's story is already in that book!)



  1. Carina Adams says:

    Are 4.5, 5, 6 coming anytime soon I love the series so much I want more, but I know perfection is wanted for the artist so best of luck finishing.

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