Fate of the Demon (Witch of the Lake #2)

An offering. An omen. An ill fate…

Before the night of the winter solstice, Brygida has everything: her mothers, a full heart, and possibly a place in two worlds. But between those worlds is the darkness, and when it comes time to make the offering to the demon, the lady of Rubin falls in… and so does Brygida.

The land of Rubin is caught in a wolf’s maw. As a smaller, weaker region, it relies on Lady Rubin’s gift of diplomacy to stave off ruin. But as the heavy snows appear, she disappears without a trace. And Brygida, true to her ill-made offering, becomes the lord’s prime suspect—and that of the village—along with her mothers. When she’s attacked by a demon and marked, she believes the same demon may have taken Lady Rubin. To defeat it before the mark reaches her heart and transforms her, and avoid a clash between her mothers and the lord along with his villagers, she agrees to help Lady Rubin’s son Kaspian find her. As the winter deepens and the search stretches, however, demons and spirits begin to emerge in great numbers… with great hunger…

Plagued by strange creatures and malevolent foes, Brygida and Kaspian search for Lady Rubin, praying to find her alive. If they succeed, it could balm the divide between the witches and the village, as well as that between Rubin and the bloodthirsty land at its border. To rescue her might repel the wolf at the door, but then there remains the mark reaching for Brygida’s heart, and the mysterious swell of demons and spirits, staining the snows like an ever-spreading pool of blood...

Find out what fate the demon has in store for Brygida and Rubin in FATE OF THE DEMON, the second book in this romantic dark fantasy series inspired by Slavic mythology and folklore, sure to please fans of Juliet Marillier’s Blackthorn & Grim series and Naomi Novik’s Uprooted.

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Pronunciation Guide

• Agata Duma: “Ah-GAH-tah DOO-mah”

• Albert Malicki: “AHL-behrt Mah-LEETS-kee”

• Andrzej: “ON-dzhey”

• bies: “BYESS”

• błędnica: “Bwend-NEETS-ah”

• Bogdan: “BOHG-dahn”

• Brygida Mrok: “Brih-GHEE-dah Mrohk”

• chorobnik: “Hoh-ROBE-neek”

• Czarnobrzeg: “Char-NOH-bzheg”

• Dariusz Baran: “DAHR-yoosh BAH-rahn”

• Demon: “DEH-mon”

• Dażbóg: “DAHZH-boog”

• Dorota Duma: “Doh-ROH-tah DOO-mah”

• drak: “DRAHK”

• Dziewanna: “Djeh-VAHN-nah”

• Ewa Mrok: “EH-vah Mrohk”

• Gerard: “GHEH-rahrd”

• gęśla: “GHEWSCH-lah”

• Granat: “GRAH-not”

• Halina: “Hah-LEE-nah”

• Henryk Wolski: “HEN-rihk VOHL-skee”

• Iga Mrok: “EE-gah Mrohk”

• Iskra: “EES-krah”

• Julian Zając: “YOOL-yan ZAH-yohntz”

• Kaspian Wolski: “KAHS-pyahn VOHL-skee”

• Kolęda: “Kohl-EN-dah”

• lasowik: “lah-SOH-veek”; [pl. lasowiki: “lah-soh-VEE-kee”]

• lejiń: “LEH-yeen”; [pl. lejinie: “Leh-YEE-nyeh”]

• leśna nimfa: “LESH-nah NEEM-fah”

• leszy: “LEH-shih” [pl. lesze: “LEH-sheh”]

• Liliana Mrok: “Leel-YAH-nah Mrohk”

• Łukasz Wolski: “WOO-kash VOHL-skee”

• maleńka: “Mah-LEN-kah”

• mamon: “Mah-MOHN”

• Mamusia: “Mah-MOO-shah”

• Mokosza: “Moh-KOH-shah”

• Mroczne: “MROCH-neh”

• Nikodem: “Nee-KOH-dem”

• Nina Baran: “NEE-nah BAH-rahn”

• Nizina: “Nee-ZEE-nah”

• Oskar Grobowski: “OHS-kahr Groh-BOHF-skee”

• Perun: “PEH-roon”

• polewik: “Poh-LEH-veek” [pl. polewiki: “Poh-leh-VEE-kee”]

• Rafał: “RAH-fahw”

• Roksana Malicka: “Rok-SAH-nah Mah-LEETS-kah”

• Rubin: “ROO-been”

• rusałka: “Roo-SOW-kah” [pl. rusałki: “Roo-SOW-kee”]

• Sabina Wolska: “Sah-BEE-nah VOHL-skah”

• Skawa: “SKAH-vah”

• Stefan Bania: “STEH-fahn BAH-nyah”

• Stryjek: “STRIH-yek”

• Swaróg: “SFAH-roog”

• Tarnowice: “Tar-noh-VEE-tzeh”

• Tata: “TAH-tah”

• Teresa Malicka: “Teh-REH-sah Mah-LEETS-kah”

• Urszula: “Ur-SHOO-lah”

• Weles: “VEL-es”

• Wilk: “VEELK”

• wilkołak: “Veel-KOH-wok”

• Zofia Baran: “ZOHF-yah BAH-rahn”


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    where can i buy this book – not available on amazon

    1. Miranda Honfleur says:

      Hi Alet, If you follow me on social media, or are subscribed to my NL, you may have seen the update on Fate of the Demon. We’ve had a few delays, but are working hard to get the book out as soon as possible with the best content possible. 🙂 You can receive the most up to date information about the release by joining my newsletter. https://www.subscribepage.com/winter-wren
      Thank you!

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