Kingdoms of Night

A standalone fantasy romance anthology

Book Cover: Kingdoms of Night

Welcome to Kingdoms of Night, an anthology of standalone novels and novellas, brimming with magic and romance.

Emma Hamm, Tasha Black, Lexi C. Foss, Ines Johnson, K.N. Lee, May Sage, Alisha Klapheke, Miranda Honfleur, Jessica M. Butler, and Lucy Tempest have come together to give you a glimpse of their incredible worlds.

If you love fantasy romance, don’t miss this collection of complete, brand-new stories. From fated mates to enemies to lovers, alpha-holes to cinnamon rolls, there’s a book for every taste!

Bound to the Fae Assassin, Tasha Black: If you loved An Enchantment of Ravens, this story is for you. Farrow’s magic is forbidden, he’s the enemy of her kingdom, but with a simple kindness, she binds the fae prince to her, and seals her fate.

Of Werewolves and Witches, Miranda Honfleur and Jessica M. Butler: Always overlooked, Idalno only has eyes for her ambition. But when her little cousin disappears, she finds herself in a deteriorating unfamiliar realm and magically stuck with an infuriating, beastly man. One she can’t tear her eyes away from…

X-Clan: The Origin, Lexi C. Foss: The compound walls have been breached. The Infected are upon us. There is no cure. Nowhere to hide. The only option is to run.

Arabian Knight, Ines Johnson: Sir Geraint gets tangled up in an arranged marriage in this steamy, magical modern-day adventure of knights, fairies, and slip knots!

Spiders and Silk, May Sage as Emm Darcy: Taken as part of a tithe to the fae high king, Lena, princess of Saur, lost the future she’d resigned herself to. The creature who claimed her considers her his pet, and to survive the cruel, unfamiliar world she was thrust into, she’ll have to play the part, or suffer the consequences.

Guardian of the Sea, K.N. Lee: A mermaid in disguise. A soul-stealing pirate on a mission. Two worlds destined to collide. Siddhe must tame the pirate, save her people from a curse, and discover her true power in this swashbuckling enemies-to-lovers prequel to Half-blood Dragon.

Enchanting the Dryad Prince, Alisha Klapheke: A woman with a magical secret. A dryad elf fighting the beast inside him. A forbidden love that will lead to bloodshed. Will their connection survive the coming storm? What must they sacrifice for their love?

Fierce Hearts, Emma Hamm: He hates the vile creatures who stole his sister, and he will stop at nothing to get her back. She’s a dragon desperate to save her people from the upcoming war. Together, they must face terrifying dangers to save the dragons.

To Wed A Shadow God, Lucy Tempest: He stole the moon, she’s taken her sister’s place as a sacrifice to appease him. Meissa has every intention to kill the god who has them at his mercy. With the fates of their worlds hanging in the balance, can the bright flame of their love rekindle the skies?

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