Slay Date (Demon Dropout #1)

Book Cover: Slay Date (Demon Dropout #1)
Part of the Demon Dropout series:
  • Slay Date (Demon Dropout #1)

The plan was to graduate. Dying wasn’t part of the plan. Dying definitely wasn’t part of the plan.

So maybe the career center didn’t have a pamphlet on vampire slaying, but here we are. I expected a totally normal future, but I should’ve known the second I agreed to a blind date, all hell would break loose.

Of course said hell has broken loose, I have weird powers, and I’ve had to trade a chance at a college diploma for a wooden stake and some really comfy walking shoes. I don’t know the first thing about vampire slaying (unless you count watching TV?), but my bosses - the werewolf king and vampire queen of Chicago - have a cozy unmarked grave ready for me if I decide to get cute and quit my job. Not just me either, but my star-crossed hot date, Wren, who also didn’t expect small talk and a couple beers to lead into a murder.

Some psycho’s making a horde of new vamps, and I need to figure out who before the normies realize we exist and I get to graduate to six feet under. But as I step into a whole new nightlife, any of the new weirdos I meet could be the psycho I’m looking for, and detective work isn’t exactly what my English major was preparing me for.

But hey, I have a stake and comfy walking shoes. That should keep me from an early grave, right? I hope.

Thrilling and laugh-out-loud funny, the DEMON DROPOUT series is a fun, heart-pounding adventure perfect for fans of K.F. Breene, Shannon Mayer, Linsey Hall, and C.N. Crawford.

Go on a Slay Date, and join a snarky, smart heroine as she kicks ass and takes names across the preternatural underground of Chicago...

Note: Currently this novel is being serialized on Amazon's new platform, Kindle Vella.

So far, it doesn't seem Kindle Vella is available to non-U.S. readers, and because I want my books to accessible to all my readers, I will be working on serializing Slay Date on another platform as well. It must be behind a login and not openly viewable for free, so likely the platform will be Patreon or Tapas. Thank you for your patience!

Once the serial is completed (at about 25 chapters), it'll be released on Kindle, paperback, and audiobook 30 days after the final episode is posted to Kindle Vella.

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