Witch of the Lake: The Complete Trilogy

★★★★★ "It's full of betrayal, love, revenge, crazed villagers, and a dang cult...
...It was an exciting read all the way up to the end."

In a struggle between gods, a young witch and the village she protects are caught in the crossfire.

The dark god's cult aims to sweep up not just the village but the entire country. An unlikely force must stand against the onslaught.

Brygida, who comes from a long line of water witches serving their goddess, now challenged with a gift of dark power.

Kaspian, a second-born son who thought he'd spend his life painting instead of tending the rulership... until the murder of someone very dear to him.

And the Madwood, a slumbering forest full of apparitions, whose strength or madness could change the world forever...

Can Brygida and Kaspian stem the dark tide of the cult together?

Or will they, their people, their lands, and everything drown in the mortal inevitability of blood, demons, and a waking wood with an insatiable hunger...?

Fans of Juliet Marillier and Naomi Novik will love this beautifully dark mythic tale set in pre-medieval Eastern Europe with magic, mystery, and romance, blending folklore with history, all beneath the looming threat of brutal witch hunts and a cataclysmic demonic onslaught…

Grab your copy of Witch of the Lake and begin this mythic dark fantasy today!

Praise for the Witch of the Lake trilogy:
★★★★★ "FEAST OF THE MOTHER is a delightfully magical old-world fantasy. With a heroine who is both grave and valiant, a world full of mystery and haunting magic, and a mystery that will keep you riveted, you won’t be able to put down this delightful tale. Recommended for fans of AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS. Don’t miss this triumphant first-in-series by authors Miranda Honfleur and Nicolette Andrews." ~Sarah K. L. Wilson, bestselling author of the Dragon School series

★★★★★ "Steeped in rich and dark folklore, FEAST OF THE MOTHER is young-adult fantasy at its best. Honfleur and Andrews take witches, murder, and romance, twist and weave them together with an imaginative and mysterious backdrop of medieval grievances. The result is a page-turning tale that will keep you riveted from the first page until the very last." ~Raye Wagner, USA Today bestselling author of Magi Rising series

★★★★★ "If you love Naomi Novik's books, FEAST OF THE MOTHER is the dark, romantic story you've been waiting for! The mythos is vibrant and multi-layered. This fantasy satisfied to the fullest degree!" ~Alisha Klapheke, USA Today bestselling author of the Uncommon World series

The complete Witch of the Lake trilogy includes:
1. Feast of the Mother
2. Fate of the Demon
3. Fall of the Reaper


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